SS Palantir

I am currently running SS Palantir (aka Astro) at the Preliminary and CCI2* levels. He IS A STAR!

Palantir is a 2013 OTTB. “Astro” is a graduate of the 2018 Thoroughbred Makeover. He is super sweet and has a great mind. He raced a few times and retired sound with no injuries. He is very confident in himself and has a sensible outlook on life. Astro is very athletic and LOVES cross country.

Astro had a fantastic 2021. With many wins, a 4th in the Training Level 3-day, and a move up to Modified, he showed me what a contender he is. Although he is not the easiest horse to ride – his antics in the warm-up arena can wear us both out mentally – he LOVES his job.

2024 – I am planning on continuing Astro’s education at the Preliminary level and I am aiming at a spring CCI2*. With luck, we will go down to Ocala in March and start our season a bit earlier than usual. I would also like to compete at the AEC’s at Preliminary level and possibly the Preliminary Challenge in Montana. We have a lot of strength training to do in dressage, but his jumping is amazing. Below is our video from his first CCI2* this past October.

Astro is named after the Jetson’s dog. Because he was always trying to jump on top of me and run me over when I first got him!