Fox Hunting With Willow

I have recently had the opportunity to take Willow Fox Hunting as a guest with the Iroquois Hunt Club. It was my first time out in nearly 20 years! Everyone involved in the Hunt is so nice and welcoming. I really enjoyed meeting so many lovely people!

photos by: © David Traxler

The first time out was amazing! Not only was Willow fantastic, the hunt was fast paced and very exciting. We were with the second field. The land went from rolling hills to woods to flat gallops and across streams. Willow was quite strong (in her snaffle bit), but never said no to anything asked of her.

Our second outing was even better. I moved from the snaffle up to a Kimberwick. Needless to say, my arms were very thankful. Willow was very light in hand and listened to all of my half halts. She was excellent!

I hope to continue to Hunt throughout the season. Thank you to everyone who made my experience possible and so much fun!