Hello 2017!

Well, I have decided to change up my website again… That’s the trouble with being a website designer…

All is going very well on the home front. Winter was not too bad, and it flew by. All the horses are back in work and gearing up for some fun showing. I am hoping to go to a few new venues this year, including Richland Hills.

Calisto is really coming into his own, and he is getting his lead changes down! I am spending a lot of time building up his confidence. Since last year was full of changes and challenges, I am glad things are now consistent in my life and I have never been happier or healthier… A crazy journey and I have learned so much about life and myself.

I took Calisto to Spring Bay and just ran around the Novice course to boost his confidence. He scored a 21.7 in dressage and finished in 2nd place…. I am glad I made that decision because I now have a horse who is having fun and taking me to the fences.

I am taking jumping lessons with Patty Stovel, and dressage with Elaine Gibala. These ladies are amazing instructors and are helping me build solid foundations I need on my horses to excel!

Well, that’s it for now! I’ll be back with more news soon!